Town of Wilton, NH

Zoning Ordinance (2020)

2.0 Districts

For the purposes of this ordinance, the Town of Wilton is divided into the following primary Zoning Districts: RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT, GENERAL RESIDENCE AND AGRICULTURAL DISTRICT, COMMERCIAL DISTRICT, INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT and OFFICE PARK DISTRICT. All land in the Town of Wilton is located within one of the above-mentioned primary districts.

The ordinance also defines the following overlay Zoning Districts: RESEARCH AND OFFICE PARK DISTRICT, GRAVEL EXCAVATION DISTRICT, FLOODPLAIN CONSERVATION DISTRICT, WETLANDS CONSERVATION DISTRICT, AQUIFER PROTECTION DISTRICT, AGE-RESTRICTED HOUSING DISTRICT, WATERSHED DISTRICT and PERSONAL WIRELESS SERVICE FACILITIES DISTRICT. Land in the Town of Wilton may be located outside of any overlay district or within one or more overlay districts in addition to its underlying primary district. Each Zoning District is described by a section of this ordinance, which specifies the permitted uses and the restrictions on uses in that district. Land in an overlay district may have additional permitted uses or additional restrictions beyond those provided in its underlying primary district. (Amended March 2020)

The location of each district is specified in the section of the ordinance that describes the district; except that GENERAL RESIDENCE AND AGRICULTURAL DISTRICT encompasses all land not listed as belonging to any other primary zoning district. The Zoning Districts and their boundaries are also depicted by colors or lines on a Zoning Map that is filed with the Wilton Town Clerk.

In the event the zoning district or overlay zoning district locations cannot be determined from the zoning ordinance text, then the adopted zoning or zoning overlay map may be used to resolve ambiguities in the district locations along with Town Meeting and Planning Board minutes. (Amended March, 2007)