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Decision notices posted at this web site have not been checked for consistency with the printed decision notices that are available in the Wilton Town Offices. If you need the definitive text of a decision, please obtain the printed notice from the town offices.

Case 6/11/97–2

You are hereby notified that the application of L. A. Limousine Service (applicant) and E&T's United Venture (owner) for variances from sections 5.1 and 15.2 of the Wilton Zoning Ordinance has been granted.

The variances will permit the use of lot L-27, 223 Gibbons Highway (NH Route 101) for an office and garage for the rental of motor vehicle and transportation services (limousine service) and light vehicle repairs, and the erection of a sign larger than normally allowed in the residential district, as described in the application and attached plans, and subject to the following restrictions:

Minutes of the hearing..