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We hope that the information at this web site will be useful, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy. For official information, please consult the printed documents which are available in the Wilton town offices.

How to Apply to the ZBA


  1. Be familiar with the general information about zoning and the ZBA.
  2. Read the sections of the Wilton Zoning Ordinance that are relevant to what you want to do. You can get the Zoning Ordinance in the Town Office.
  3. Read Section 5, Appeals to the Board, in the Zoning Board Rules of Procedure.


  1. The application forms are provided as Portable Document Format (“;PDF”;) files. To read PDF files, you will need the Adobe Reader or some equivalent program. You can click the link below to download Adobe Reader from the Adobe web site.

    Get Adobe Reader
    If you need permission from the Zoning Board to do something, use the Application to the Zoning Board of Adjustment form. (180KB PDF file) Instructions Form
    To appeal a decision that allows someone else to do something that you don’t think they should be allowed to do, use the Third-Party Appeal of Administrative Decision form (144KB PDF file). Instructions Form
    To ask the Zoning Board to reconsider a decision that it has made (a necessary step before appealing the decision in court) use the Request for Rehearing form. (132KB PDF file) Instructions Form
  2. Prepare a complete list of abutters and holders of conservation, preservation, or agricultural preservation restrictions.
  3. The application fee is $100, plus an additional $6 for each name on the abutter list.

Application Deadline

The Zoning Board usually meets on the second Tuesday of every month, and the deadline for applications is usually the last Tuesday of the preceeding month. Both of these are subject to change, so check the actual deadline on the web site or in the Town Office.

If your complete application, including the application form with all required information, the abutter list, and the application fee, is in the Town Office by the deadline, then your case will be scheduled for a hearing at the next Zoning Board meeting. If not, it will be delayed to the next month.

If you submit your application a week before the deadline, we will attempt to review it and give you a chance to correct any errors or omissions before the deadline.

After You Apply

  1. Your case will be placed on the agenda for the next ZBA meeting. A public notice of the hearing will be posted, printed in a newspaper, and mailed to the property owner and the abutters.
  2. At the public hearing, you, or any agent or counsel of your choice, will be asked to describe your proposed use and why you believe your application should be approved; and any abutters and other interested parties who may be present will be allowed (in person, or by agent or counsel) to present evidence and speak for or against your application.
  3. Following the public hearing, the ZBA will make a decision on your application. You and any other parties to the case will be sent a notice of the Board's decision.
  4. You, the selectmen, or any party directly affected by the decision may appeal a decision of the ZBA. A request for a rehearing of a ZBA decision must be filed in writing in the Town Office no later than twenty-nine days after the date on which the decision was made, and must fully specify all grounds on which the rehearing is requested.