Town of Wilton, NH

Zoning Board of Adjustment

Land Use Regulations

The Wilton, New Hampshire Land Use Laws and Regulations comprise the Zoning Ordinance and the Building Code, which are actual laws (Ordinances, enacted by the Wilton Town Meeting), and the Land Use Regulations, which are adopted by the Wilton Planning Board to regulate land use matters over which it has jurisdiction.

You can find the Zoning Ordinance on the Ordinance page of this web site.

The Land Use Laws and Regulations are available as PDF files on the Planning Board page of the Town of Wilton web site. This page contains copies of the regulation PDF files from the Planning Board page, as well as the regulations formatted for convenient reading on the web.

Section A: Zoning Ordinance (2024) Web PDF
Section B: Subdivision Regulations (2021) Web PDF
Section C: Cluster Development Regulation (2020) Web PDF
Section D: Site Plan Regulation (2023) Web PDF
Section E: Building Code (2021) Web PDF
Section F: Excavation Site Plan Review Regulations (2014) Web PDF
Section G: Driveway Regulations (2023) Web PDF
Section H: Stormwater Management Regulations (2023) Web PDF
Section I: Fire Protection Regulations (2022) Web PDF
Section J: Research and Office Park Regulations (2022) Web PDF
Appendices (PDF)
Appendix IRoad Design Standards and Specifications
Appendix I-AWilton Roadway Acceptance Planning Board Recommendation Form
Appendix IIErosion and Sediment Control Plan Standards
Appendix IIIApplication Fee Schedule
Appendix IVExcavation Site Plan Review Completed Application Checklist
Appendix VExcavation Application Form
Appendix VIExcavation Permit Renewal Form
Appendix VIIBuilding Permit Fees
Appendix VIIIImpact Fee Schedule
Appendix IXSubdivision Plan Review Application
Appendix XCluster Plan Review Application
Appendix XISite Plan Review Application
Appendix XIISubdivision and Site Plan - As Built Checklist
Appendix XIIIApplication and Notice of Caveat Lot Consolidation
Appendix XIVStormwater Application