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Decision notices posted at this web site have not been checked for consistency with the printed decision notices that are available in the Wilton Town Offices. If you need the definitive text of a decision, please obtain the printed notice from the town offices.

Case 9/12/01–1

You are hereby notified that the application of Jonathan Sargent, applicant (doing business as Jon's Cycle Barn, Inc.), and David Glines, owner, for a variance to section 16.1(h)4 of the Wilton Zoning Ordinance, has been granted.

The special exception will permit the placement of an internally illuminated sign for a Kawasaki motorcycle dealership on Lot F-145, 454 Isaac Frye Highway, as shown in the illustration presented to the Zoning Board during the hearing, and is granted subject to the condition that it will be no higher than sixteen (16) feet above the level of Isaac Frye Highway, and that it may be illuminated only when the business is open, and no later than 8:00 pm.

This variance shall expire on September 18, 2003, if construction of the sign has not begun by that date. (Wilton Zoning Ordinance section 17.4).

Minutes of the hearing.

On October 16, 2001, the Wilton Main Street Association requested that the Zoning Board reconsider its September 18 decision to grant a variance to Jon Sargent (applicant) and David Glines (owner) to allow an internally illuminated sign on Lot F-145, 454 Isaac Frye Highway.

On October 24, the Zoning Board voted to deny the request for reconsideration. The request was denied because the Wilton Main Street Association is neither a party to the action or proceedings nor a person directly affected by the decision, and therefore does not have standing to request a rehearing. (N.H. RSA 677:2)

This decision may be appealed to the Superior Court no later than Friday, November 23, 2001. (N.H. RSA 677:4)