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This is the web site of the Wilton, NH Zoning Board of Adjustment. You can find current meeting agendas and recent minutes both here and on the ZBA page of the Wilton town web site, but this site also has detailed case information, case records back to 1997, meeting minutes back to 1980, and much more.

If you know what you are looking for, the site menu to the left above or the news links below will probably take you there. If you are just broswsing, you might want to start by reading About Zoning and the ZBA.

What’s New?

August 15
A decision from the August 9 meeting has been posted for the Latham case.
Case 9/13/22–1 (Willreign Properties) has been added to the agenda for the September 13 meeting.
July 30
The minutes of the July 12 meeting have been added to the web site.
July 13
Decisions from the July 12 meeting have been posted for the Four Corners Farm and Hernandez cases.
July 1
The Isaac Frye Holdings case will be continued until Tuesday, August 9, because there are not five Zoning Board members available to hear the case on July 12.

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