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We hope that the information at this web site will be useful, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy. For official information, please consult the printed documents which are available in the Wilton town offices.

The Wilton ZBA


If you’re applying to the ZBA, or want to know whether you need to apply, you should start out by reading about zoning and the ZBA. Then you can refer to the Wilton Zoning Ordinance to learn what specific rules you have to deal with. When you're ready to apply, read the instructions in how to apply. Be sure to check the application deadline dates.

What’s New?

April 25
Case 5/8/18–1 (Stickney) has been added to the agenda for the May 8 meeting.
April 24
The minutes of the April 10 meeting have been added to the web site.
April 16
A decision from the April 10 meeting has been posted for the Gardiner case.
April 7
The Zoning Ordinance has been updated with the 2018 amendments.
March 27
Case 4/10/18–1 (Gardiner) has been added to the agenda for the April 10 meeting.
The April 20 meeting has been cancelled, because there are no applications or other business to consider.